COVID-19 At-Home Testing

Instructions for UCCS-provided iHealth Home Test

These tests are available free to staff, faculty, and students at the University Center information desk and in the Wellness Center waiting room. Please visit to check the new expiration date for your kit. 

  • If you have had symptoms less than 24 hours, the results may not be accurate.  Wait until you have had symptoms for at least 24 hours before conducting the test.
  • If you’ve had symptoms for more than 5 days, a PCR is the recommended testing method.   

Instructions for conducting the iHealth Home Test can be found in the box. Be sure to read them ahead of performing the test and follow them as outlined for the most accurate results.

The infectious period for COVID starts two days prior to the onset of symptoms and can last up to 10 days following the onset of symptoms. Close contact is considered someone that you have been within 6 feet for greater than 15 minutes (with or without a mask) during your infectious period.

If your result is positive:
If your result is negative: