Campus Access


Summer Campus Access Plan

Logistics Support Team Goals for Campus Access

COVID-19 has challenged how we pursue our mission. With a foundation in our core values, we will be innovative and create a positive learning environment. The recommendations provided by the Logistics Support Team aim to be timely, practical, flexible and achievable for the summer to inform planning strategies for fall semester 2020

The recommendations are guided by key organizations and declarations including:

The recommendations will help “Protect our Pride” and keep our Mountain Lion Community safe and still productive. Access will be granted to anyone on campus who feels they absolutely need access to conduct their work.  

There will be no charge for campus parking, and there will be no shuttles. Those coming to campus must follow guidelines outlined below to follow social distancing, observe reduced building and room capacities and carefully follow health and safety protocols, including new Skillsoft training. The recommendations also balance our need for access with our need to reduce utility costs and as such air conditioning will be reduced or eliminated across campus, with only rare exceptions. The plan is outlined below.

Campus Access Training

Wellness Check Test

Recommendation Check List
The Summer Campus "Normal" (Applicable from June 1 to Aug 1)
Research Restoration & Campus Access
Environmental Health & Safety training, education and campus signage
Physical distancing installations and other return to campus requirements 
How the plan will be communicated out

Adjusted Occupancy Information