COVID-19-ready dashboard


COVID-19-ready dashboard


Last updated on 09/30/2020

El Paso County Level

Level 1: Safer at Home and in the Vast, Great Outdoors

While we are all still safer at home, we are also able to practice greater social distancing in our great outdoors than in confined indoor spaces.

Campus Mode of Operation


Phase 3 campus reopening underway. Open campus with public health guidelines in place; students can come to campus for services and in-person classes; and Family Development Center and retail dining operations open.   

UCCS Conditions & Stats

  • Diagnostic Tests*


    Number of diagnostic tests conducted by UCCS Medical Services.*

  • Positive Diagnostic Results**


         Week of September 28th**
    updated 9/30/2020


  • Five-day average

    0 Cases in 5 day period = 0 cases per day

    Avg # of positive cases/day in the past five days

  • Isolation Space Usage***


    Percentage of quarantine/isolation                  space in use***                   5 of 33 rooms

  • Cumulative Positive Result Total****


    August 24th-present 

    updated 9/30/2020


  • Previous Period Positive Result Total



  • Recovered Individual Total


    updated 9/30/2020

Our lab has stated our PCR test turnaround time will be about 24-72 hours. We will be using this option and community testing sites until we get our Sofia II and can start rapid testing with 15 minute result time.

*Based on tests conducted beginning in August 2020 via campus testing through Medical Services; does not include positive tests via outside testing or primary care physicians.

** Positive Test Results are those confirmed by Diagnostic Tests performed by UCCS Health Services, or those provided to us by local health partners and confirmed by El Paso County Health. Numbers are not reflective of testing done at outside testing sites or primary care physicians so positive rates are skewed as negative results are often not reported to campus.

*** Percentage represents how many rooms of our reserved 33-room isolation space are occupied. Faculty, staff, and students who are isolating and quarantining in their home are not included in this data. Currently, in use is 1 room of our 33 rooms.

**** Positive result data includes faculty, staff and student positive results. 


El Paso County Conditions & Stats

Last updated Sept. 28.

  • Tested Positive or considered Probable for COVID-19, to date


  • Hospitalized due to COVID-19, to date in El Paso County


  • Recovered


  • Number of PCR (diagnostic) COVID-19 Tests Among El Paso County Residents, to Date


  • Reported deaths due to COVID-19, to date in El Paso County


  • Current "active" cases of COVID-19 in El Paso County



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