COVID-19 Illness & Exposure Information

Illness & Exposure

COVID-19 Illness & Exposure Information

Exposure Guidelines

Should you be exposed to a person confirmed to have COVID-19, there are a specific set of actions you should take. Before coming to campus as a student, employee or visitor, please read these guidelines and contact us if you have any questions. 

Exposure Info For UCCS Community

COVID-19 Information & Questions Answered

Please continue reading this page to explore our Frequently Asked Questions and important information.  

Illness & Exposure Questions Answered
What are COVID-19 symptoms & how can I protect myself?
Is there campus guidance on exposure to COVID-19? Who can I call if I have questions about COVID-19?
What is the Difference Between Isolation and Quarantine?
Can I test out of quarantine?
Do I need to continue to isolate if my COVID test is negative?
Do I need to quarantine if someone I have spent time with was exposed to an individual diagnosed with COVID?
What is the infectious time frame for someone diagnosed with COVID? 
Should I come to class or work if I’m not sure if my symptoms are allergies, caused by the smoke in the air, or the start of an illness? 
Who should I contact because I am in isolation or quarantine and can't come to campus?
Where and when should I get COVID-19 testing
Can I get a test at the Wellness Center if I’m not having any symptoms? 
Will I be allowed to travel if I am in quarantine or isolation? 
Do you have walk-in rapid COVID testing at the Wellness Center? 
Does the Wellness Center offer testing for individuals who need to provide test results in order to travel? 
If an employee or student tests positive for the virus and completes required isolation and then is re-exposed to a COVID positive person, will they be required to quarantine even though they may have antibodies?
What Should I do if I Attended a Large Event with a Positive Case?